Micro focus X-ray system Y. Cougar SMT


Features and advantages of Y.Cougar:

  • Platform-based design to realize product customization

  • Using open X-ray tube & flat panel digital detector, leading clear image provider in the industry

  • The target power of the ray tube is up to 10 watts, the geometric magnification is up to 2000 times, and the application range is wider

  • The unique sample rotation and tilt module is a powerful tool for failure analysis

  • TXI technology for real-time control of X-ray output intensity, AIM automatic tracking technology for the detected area

  • The new FGUI software can provide CNC automatic detection, advanced BGA detection and Void detection mode

  • The equipment can be upgraded to CT-3D tomography system, saving cost

  • Unique 1-minute rapid CT scanning technology, a powerful assistant for failure analysis in your laboratory

  • Unique high-power target, the target power is up to 7 watts, and the focal spot size is 2 microns.

  • It occupies an area of only 1 square meter, which is convenient for maintenance of the front door/side door, suitable for crowded production lines and laboratories