Company Profile


Dongguan Aikesi Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2020 and is a subsidiary of Shenzhen Lizhifeng Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Aikesiguang is a professional, leading and trustworthy high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sales, leasing, maintenance of electronic products, and electronic testing equipment. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "technical innovation, honest cooperation, and sincere service" , Committed to providing high-quality products and technical services to customers at home and abroad, is the world's leading supplier of testing equipment.

Main products

Testing Equipment:

X-RAY ray detector: Nordson XD-7500VR/ Nikko AX8100/SEC Korea 5000BTS/ Nordson YTX-X3/ Shimadzu SMX2000/ Kelongwei X3000/DAGE XD6500/Xscan-7090 and other domestic brand new X-RAY sales and lease.

AOI automatic optical detector: Telefon TR7700SII/TR7700SIIPLUS /TR7710/TR7710DL /TR 7700SIII 3D AOI TR7500/TR7500L/TR7550 /TR7500SIII/

Juko dual-track AOI LI-3000DP/Li-2000/Mi-3000/Omron 3DAOIVT-S530/VT-RNS II KOHYOUNG3DAOI/ZENITHLITE/SAKI BF-Planet-xii Meilu MV-7XI, etc./PARMI 3DAOI XCEED D

3DSPI solder paste thickness gauge: Telefon TR7007HMSIIPLUS/TR7007SII/TR7007M SII/TR7007DDL/TR7006/TR7006L

Pentron TROI5700H/TROI7700HD/TROI7700HDL

KOHYOUNG3DSPI KY8080/KY8030-2/KY8030-2XL

Jiezhi JET-6000/JET-6300


Hometech S8030 S8030D 3D SPI Sale and Lease