New to Germany SPI TR7007 SII 3D solder paste printing automatic optical inspection machine



  With the advantages of outstanding detection performance and easy programming, SPI high-precision shadowless detection solutions will bring the greatest value to your production line.

   Newly optimized and user-friendly user interface

  Five-step simple programming operation minimizes the workload of the operator while maximizing the performance of SPI.

  Closed Loop Function

  TRI SPI inspection system can share inspection results with connected production equipment to increase output and stabilize production quality.


   highly reproducible

  • Calibration target (at 3σ) <1% on TRI certification target

  • Tin point GR & R (± 50% Tolerance) << 10% at 6σ


  • 10 μm up to 90 cm2 /sec

  • 15 μm up to 200 cm2 /sec

  Use dynamic image technology and color LED light source to obtain positioning points

  Shadow problem: Effectively solve the problem of shadow and irregular reflection

  Using a dual-directional light source lighting system, combined with cross-reference bilateral data technology, while solving the problem of irregular shadow reflection.

  Production line system integration plan

  TRI's defect management system can link inspection data in SPI, AOI and AXI systems to trace the root cause of defects through the entire assembly circuit board production line. With a modular architecture, it can provide centralized inspection management, real-time defect monitoring and analysis, and daily knowledge management to identify problems and implement solutions to maximize production yield.