German ict TR5001E tester economical-Lizhifeng


Teleict TR5001E tester economical

  TR5001, as a PCBA online test platform with good scalability, can provide economical test solutions according to customers' test requirements, and can fully meet most customers' test requirements. TR5001 integrates MDA and optional ICT and Functional test functions on the same platform, which can save labor costs on the production line, reduce test time, and increase productivity.

  TR5001E features

  • Modular upgrade option, can upgrade MDA equipment to ICT and functional test system

  • High test coverage solution

  • A small number of test point solutions and PXI module function test expansion

  • Humanized interface with fast and simple program development


  • Test points up to 3200 (analog) / 1600 (digital)

  • Operating system Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/7

  • Test fixture Two-stage press

  • Measurable circuit board size Standard: (W) 360 mm x (L) 300 mm x (H) 100 mm; optional: (W) 500 mm x (L) 350 mm x (H) 100 mm