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   1. Fast, accurate and high-tempo. The ICT online tester is a product that adapts to batch and large-scale production of PCBs. It can quickly detect faults and indicate where the fault is located, which is convenient for maintenance and speeds up the production process. It only takes 1 second for ICT to detect ordinary single circuit boards. About time.

  2. It is an effective means to promote quality control and process improvement. With the continuous maturity of the production process and the continuous improvement of the performance of the production equipment, the failures that have occurred have been corrected.

3. Reduce losses and save costs. The ICT online tester uses small current and low voltage for small signal static detection, which can effectively prevent the circuit board from burning out the device or circuit board after power-on due to short-circuit and other faults, which greatly reduces production loss ,save costs. Especially when a circuit board failure occurs in the production process, the cost is about one percent of the cost found on the user side.

  4. The use of advanced professional (ICT) is the trend. The modern production trend is to replace people with appropriate equipment to save costs and increase productivity. ICT has been widely used in the manufacturing of circuit boards.

5. Improve the reliability and consistency of product quality. In the testing process, there are too many human variable factors, and product quality will change due to changes in human variable factors. ICT online tester equipment effectively solves this problem. Make the reliability and consistency of product quality stronger.

  TR5001T SII TINY is TRI's new generation TINY ICT. Providing 640 test points and boundary scan technology, TR5001T SII TINY is an ICT extension model, a lightweight and affordable solution for the industry. This new generation of desktop ICT provides parallel testing, using multiple USB connection holes, audio analyzer, data capture function and support for multiple programming power supplies to test components and LED strips.

  • Small and lightweight full-featured ICT solution

  • The USB interface can link up to four laptops and desktop computers

  • The boundary scan function has two independent TAPs and 16-channel DIO

  • Advanced analog and digital testing with programmable DUT power system