The advantages of 3DAOI


Due to the false positive rate, false negative rate and productivity, compared with 3D detection technology, these parameters of 2D detection have a large gap, so users have turned to 3D.

   3DAOI inspection advantages

  Improved operability: 3D height information makes programming easier and more convenient, and the programming time is greatly shortened, saving the burden of on-site engineers and reducing labor costs.

  Improve quality: it can accurately capture any component pin floating defects, and the extremely high detection rate ensures the quality of the product.

  Improve efficiency: On the basis of 2D inspection, a powerful 3D inspection function is added to make the inspection process smoother.

   It is difficult to inspect the white substrate in 2D, because 2D extracts by adjusting the gray scale and chromaticity. When the color of the substrate and the component are similar, the extraction result will be disturbed.

   The 3D inspection does not need to consider the interference of the substrate and the color difference of the components. Because 3D is extracted according to the height, the components on the white substrate can be easily extracted by 3D, and the 3D height can easily check the polarity marks that are difficult to identify in 2D.

   The defects that cannot be inspected by 2D will not be re-examined by the laser, and there is a risk of missed picking. High-precision 3D height inspection, 100% defective detection.

  With 3D, data can be obtained through measurement, and tolerances can be set based on the data. As long as it exceeds this tolerance, it means there is a defect, and if it is within the range, it is qualified.

   Through these data, the process can be optimized and improved, and finally high productivity can be achieved.