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AOI Germany TR7500 SII

Performance characteristics:

AOI Germany TR7500 SII

Product details

The performance characteristics of the German TR7500SII online AOI automatic optical detector:

1. High-speed detection Dynamic detection technology can provide high-speed and clear actual images of the circuit board.

2. The detection time for medium-sized circuit boards is only 21 seconds (excluding positioning point confirmation and board access time).

3. The advanced color light source system has flexible and multi-angle light source setting methods, which can produce light of different angles and colors, and provide more accurate and stable detection capabilities for the solder joints of small components.

4. Graphical light source control man-machine interface can greatly simplify light source setting and programming time.

5. Simple programming environment: only CAD files of five data fields (component name, X-axis coordinate, Y-axis coordinate, rotation angle and package type) are needed to complete the programming

6. Program editing can also be easily completed for various special configuration multi-connected circuit boards

7. The part database function of the built-in graphic interface can directly choose to apply the database, which reduces the time for establishing the detection frame and setting the parameters.

8. Precise automatic compensation of plate bending and confirmation of multiple positioning points can ensure the correctness and reproducibility of each test result

9. Advanced optical resolution design (10, 15 and 20um) XGA 3CCD camera can capture 50 standard XGA format images (1024 x 768 pixels) per second, with superior image processing computing technology, directly on the circuit board Color analysis can effectively detect defective products. The optical resolution of up to 10um/pixel can effectively detect 01005 Chip/12mil Pitch IC. The operator can easily obtain the actual image and perform the artificial appearance review and comparison.

10. Modular control system with built-in parts database

11. The sophisticated X-Y mechanical platform, PC board transmission system, image capture, light source control and computer host are all independently designed system modules. Each module can be maintained and maintained separately to provide the best convenience for the system.