X-RAY X Light machine

3Dx-ray Nordson YTX-X3

Performance characteristics:

X3 3D X-Ray automatic online 3D X-Ray inspection equipment performance parameter inspection capability inspection mode 2D & 3D inspection speed 4-5 square inches/sec. Maximum substrate size 20"x 18" (508mm x 450mm) Maximum device height 2"( 50mm) above the substrate, 1” (25mm) below the substrate, the minimum device size 01005 can detect defects

Product details

Device: location, missing part, wrong part, deformation, tombstone... Device pin: bent, soldered, bridged... Solder: open circuit, lack of tin, short circuit, solder ball... BGA device: short circuit, void, position...software CAD data Input ASCII Text, NDF pin data, CAD data conversion Excel, Aegis, Unicam, NDF translator... Operating system Windows XP Professional offline software optional-repair workstation, offline programming SPC software optional-real-time local or remote monitoring hardware X-ray emission tube maintenance-free , Sealed X-ray tube, focus size 5 microns 100Kv, maximum output power 20W130Kv, maximum output power 39W color camera can read bar codes and reference point equipment equipment power supply 110VAC (220 optional) 50/60 Hz, 15A equipment size 1500mm wide x 1676mm deep x 1600mm high equipment weight 5500 pounds (2495Kg) air pressure 80 psi