SPI 3D Solder paste thickness tester

SPI Gaoyong KY8080

Performance characteristics:

Shenzhen Lizhifeng Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. supplies the new STEC S8080 and the dual-track brand S8080D for sale and lease

Product details

Name: On-line high-speed 3D solder paste inspection system

Model: S8080/single track/S8080D/dual track SPI

Specification: Monorail

Size: 470x470mm detection area

Unit: Taiwan

◆ Single-track high-speed three-dimensional solder paste inspection system

◆ PSLM PMP programmable phase profile modulation measurement technology

◆ Inspection items: volume, area, height, XY offset, shape

◆ Poor detection types: missing print, more tin, less tin, continuous tin, offset, bad shape

◆ The smallest detection element: 01005 (English)

◆ Accuracy: XY direction <10um; height=0.37um

◆ Repeatability accuracy: height<1um(4sigma); area/volume<<1%(4sigma)

◆ 510x505mm PCB carrier board size; 470x470mm inspection area

◆ Ultra-high frame rate high-precision industrial camera

◆ Detection speed: 0.42 seconds/FOV

◆ Mark point recognition: 0.3 seconds/each

◆ Maximum detection height: +/-450um

◆ RGB Tune patented technology

◆ D-Lighting patented technology

◆ Barcode recognition function with three-point photo matching function

◆ Access to IMS system function

◆ Operating system: Windows 7 Professional (64 bit)

◆ Five minutes programming, one-key operation

◆ SPC process technology control