SPI 3D Solder paste thickness tester

SPI Bentron TROI-7700HD

Performance characteristics:

Pentron dual-track SPI lease /TROI-7700HDL sales lease

Product details

Double projection light system + 2D ring light source

The combination of 2D and 3D reduces shadow images and provides high-precision 3D images with a high-performance camera to ensure the high accuracy and speed of the test.

High-speed, high-resolution camera

We have increased the speed of camera detection, which can achieve the same as a single projected light system

Speed and performance, and the camera resolution is 10um, 15um, 20um optional.

Simple and clear user interface

The Gerber Editor developed by us has a friendly interface and convenient programming, which reduces the time for editing and modifying data. The same interface can display all common functions, avoiding the trouble of switching back and forth between multiple interfaces. The fast and simple interface can be suitable for any Operation of level operator.

True color 3D stereo image display

The usual solder paste inspection method can only detect the height above the silk screen, but our TROI equipment solves this problem through the unique ColorXY 3D algorithm's ** technology, so as to accurately find the zero reference plane.

In addition, it can display the 3D picture of the solder paste at any rotation angle, making it easier for users to see clear and vivid PAD pictures, avoiding the trouble of the operator holding the PCB board to confirm.

High-precision piezoelectric ceramic motor

The Y-axis uses a piezoelectric ceramic motor to achieve an accuracy of ±10um.

64-bit Windows 7 operating system

In order to cooperate with high-density PCB, a fast and stable 64-bit operating system is used.

SPC Engineering Management System

The SPC system can analyze bad data so that the problems in engineering control and production status are clear at a glance.

SPC data reports can be output in html, Excel or Image formats, and users can save them in the format they require.

Unmanned automation system

SPI can communicate with printing machines and placement machines

SPI can synchronize Bad Mark information to the placement machine